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Prabowo-Sandiaga’s Legal Team: Trial cases of fraud election that are structured, systematic and massive

Prabowo-Sandiaga legal team. (photo:

IO, Jakarta – The legal team of Prabowo-Sandiaga filed a lawsuit on the results of the 2019 Presidential Election to the Constitutional Court (MK). Allegations of structured, systematic and massive (TSM) election fraud are one of the materials to be tested in the trial later.

“Before, the Election Supervisory Body did not accept this TSM complaint with procedural arguments. That is why we want to explain again. At the Election Supervisory Body, materials that was complained was not examined, and that caused our loss,” said Chief of Legal Team Prabowo-Sandiaga, Bambang Wijojanto at MK Building, Medan Merdeka Barat, Jakarta, Friday (05/24/2019).

Bambang suspected that the Bawaslu was unable to verify reports of suspected TSM frauds that were complained by the BPN at the time. Bambang also suspected that the Election Supervisory Body was unable to uncover the alleged fraud because it needed a series of tests.

“For example, the IT system of the KPU is problematic, if Bawaslu does not have an IT expert, Bawaslu will have difficulties,” said Bambang.

On the same occasion, Bambang also invited the public to jointly monitor the trial process of the 2019 Presidential Election case carefully.

Bambang hopes that the Constitutional Court can become a neutral court in upholding democracy in Indonesia.

“Hopefully the Constitutional Court can place its position as an important part, where honesty and justice must be upheld and not be part of a corrupt regime,” Bambang said. (dsy)

May 22 Demonstrations, MER-C finds evidence of live rounds fired at demonstrators

Medical Emergency Rescue Committee. (photo: Google Image)

IO, Jakarta – Operation standards for handling demonstrators in the May 21 and 22 demonstrations are suspected to have been violated by security officers after evidence of the use of live ammunition in clashes between protesters and police officers was found. The evidence was revealed by the Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C).

MER-C revealed that they found live ammunition shot at victims during the clashes between demonstrators and security forces.

The officers, besides attacking demonstrators, also allegedly attacked journalists and medical personnel. This was alleged alongside other accusations of the use of live ammunition to disperse protesters.

MER-C Advisory Council Member Doctor Joserizal Jurnalis said that they found evidence that live ammunition was used. During his press conference, MER-C revealed the live and rubber ammunition fired at demonstrators that they found. “We saw them using live ammunition to shoot at the victims,” Joserizal said.

Joserizal said his party would bring the findings to the United Nations and stated the use of live ammunition during the demonstrations was a universal issue and was not did not depend on state by state laws.

“We will go out as it is universal in nature and is not limited by the laws of states or nations. It is governed by the United Nations international court,” he said.

Joserizal said that his party cared for victims whether demonstrators or army/police at the location of the riots. He explained, in addition to the death toll, there were also victims suffered trauma, and alleged attacks on medical vehicles.

“There were some victims who died, haveminor to severe trauma, then there was an attack on medical transportation vehicles. Then there was bad treatment of medical volunteers,” Joserizal said. (dsy)

Brings Presidential Election to court, Prabowo-Sandiaga’s legal counsel asks constitutional court to not be “calculator court”

Sue the 2019 election results. (photo:

IO, Jakarta – Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno’s legal team have registered a lawsuit to the Constitutional Court (MK) in regards to the 2019 Presidential Election results. The lawsuit is part of an effort to uphold democracy and the sovereignty of the people.

“I formally submitted the application along with the evidence. Hopefully, this is an important part of our efforts to bring hope and optimism,” said Prabowo-Sandiaga legal team leader Bambang Wijojanto (BW) from Constitutional Court on Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta, Friday (05/24/2019).

The legal team appointed by Prabowo-Sandiaga totled eight people with former KPK Chairman Bambang Wijojanto being appointed team leader. The remaining team consists of Denny Indrayana, Teuku Nasrullah, Lutfi Yazid, Iwan Satriawan, Iskandar Sonhadji, Dorel Aimir, and Zulfadli.

In this lawsuit, the Prabowo-Sandiaga legal team will argue for the presence of electoral fraud which can be qualified as structural, systematic and massive (TSM).

“There are various arguments submitted there and evidence supports them,” said Bambang.

According to Bambang, the Constitutional Court in its various decisions had decided on various electoral dispute cases, especially in local elections, using the structural, systematic and massive fraud as principle arguments. Therefore, the Prabowo-Sandiaga legal team hoped the Constitutional Court would not only to be a “calculator court” which only cared about the numbers.

The Constitutional Court, said Bambang, must examine the alleged fraud. With the existence of these fraud cases, many have deemed the 2019 Election the worst in Indonesia’s history.

” The Constitutional Court must examine how the fraud has become even worse. And that is why in the public there have been various statements that explain why this has been the worst election in Indonesia since Indonesia’s establishment,” said Bambang.

Using the 1955 elections as the standard, Bambang considers that the most democratic elections occurred during the beginning of Indonesia’s independence. As a result, this lawsuit is important for the future of Indonesian democracy.

“This request is important, not because of who submits it, but the court will be tested whether it is worthy of a court that will leave a legacy and will build a civilization where the people are sovereign for the future. At this time such a request must be paid attention to,” Bambang said. (dsy)

National Police admits there is an error in procedure

Brigadier General Police Dedi Prasetyo, The head of the Public Information Bureau for the Public Relations Division of the Indonesian National Police. (photo:

IO, Jakarta – The Indonesian National Police have said that related to a viral video that depicts someone being tortured by several Mobile Brigade (Brimob) officers near the Al-Huda Mosque, Kampung Bali, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta.

In the disclosure of the case, the one who was persecuted was not a 15-year-old child, but Andriyansyah aka Andri Bibir, who is 30 years old.

In the video, information that the victim is an underage child has been denied. However, the National Police could not argue with regard to the acts of violence and persecution carried out by individual Brimob in the video.

The head of the Public Information Bureau for the Public Relations Division of the Indonesian National Police, Brigadier General Police Dedi Prasetyo, cannot deny that there has been an error in the procedure carried out by Brimob officers in the arrest of Andri Bibir. What is done by the officers of this person cannot be justified.

“In terms of efforts to arrest rioters on behalf of A aka Andri Bibir, what is done by individual members is not justified,” said Dedi at the Metro Jaya Regional Police Headquarters, Saturday, May 25, 2019.

In dealing with criminals, Police Officers should not use violence. Moreover, if the perpetrators have not resisted and harmed the officers, then there is no need to act violently.

“For rioters who have surrendered, there should be no excessive action,” he said

For this reason, this case will be followed up by the National Police Propam Division. If proven violating, the person concerned will be penalized.

“There will be a punishment to the National Police personnel who take actions that are not in accordance with the norms in the Police, we will certainly proceed according to the existing mechanism. This incident was triggered by an attack carried out by other suspects, Andri Bibir to officers, and tried to escape when arrested , “he said. (dsy)

Claim from candidate pair no. 02 to the Constitutional Court, Sandiaga: there is an anomaly, there is a deviation

Sandiaga Uno (middle). (photo:

IO, Jakarta – Candidate for vice president Sandiaga Uno said that the lawsuit for the results of the presidential election to the Constitutional Court (MK) as part of the demands of the community. The reason is that elections are considered to be dishonest and unfair.

“But what ultimately made Prabowo and I decide to submit a dispute to the Constitutional Court appointed Pak Hashim (Hashim Djojohadikusumo) and Mr. BW (Bambang Widjojanto) because of the demands of the people, Indonesia has not been able to run honest and fair elections,” said Sandiaga when met by reporters in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, Saturday (05/25/2019)

Sandiaga mentioned the number of election officials who were sick and died unnaturally. Sandiaga said that this shows the inefficiency of the 2019 Concurrent Election.

“It is a demand from the public (carrying out honest and fair elections), we will continue to fight together with the community. As Prabowo said, we arise and sink with the people. We want to improve because this is no longer a problem of winning or losing, but this is a matter of democracy Indonesia, “he continued.

Sandiaga wants to ensure that the Constitutional Court works independently so that it can present justice in handling the claims of the presidential election results. Sandiaga also mentioned the importance of the case of the lawsuit resulting from the events at the polling stations.

“This is the result of all collections obtained from the community, mostly from the province. Fifty percent of the polling stations in the province have anomalies, irregularities, injustices,” Sandiaga said.

Prabowo-Sandi, represented by the legal team, filed a lawsuit from the results of the 2019 Presidential Election to the Constitutional Court on Friday night (24/5). (dsy)

Three Dompet Dhuafa medical officers injured due to police repression

Police officers act very repressive. (photo: IO/Yoga Agusta)

IO, Jakarta – Dompet Dhuafa’s medical team fell victim of an assault during the riot in the Sarinah area, Central Jakarta, on Thursday 23 May 2019 at 00.15 a.m. WIB. Dompet Dhuafa Program Director Bambang Suherman stated that the authorities’ aggression against Dompet Dhuafa’s medical team caused them to sustain grave injuries.

Dompet Dhuafa made the following “statement of stance” in relation to the riots following the protest held in Sarinah on 22 May 2019:

1.   As a humanitarian agency, Dompet Dhuafa sent in its medical team for humanitarian purposes and strictly adheres to the principle of impartiality. Our involvement in this protest is not based on any political motivation or partisanship for any group whatsoever.

2.   It is true that deviant members of the police force assaulted the Dompet Dhuafa medical team on Thursday 23 May 2019 at 00.15 a.m. WIB around Jalan Abdul Muis, Central Jakarta. This assault caused three of our team members to suffer injuries, and it was necessary to take them to the Central Armed Forces Hospital. Apart from the three victims, two of our vehicles become damaged.

3.   We regret the excessively repressive action taken by deviant police officers against the medical team and volunteers of a humanitarian agency who were present to be of help to everyone involved, whether protesters, the security officers, or the public in general.

4.   We request that the Police and the Armed Forces provide the freest access and protection possible in order to allow humanitarian and medical teams to give help to people in need, in accordance with the provisions of the Geneva Convention of 1949, specifically Article 11, Article 24-27, Article 36, and Article 37 concerning protection for medical officers. (dsy)

Masses welcome soldiers, throw rocks at police

Clash between People’s Sovereignty Movement protestors and the police officers. (photo: IO/Yoga Agusta)

IO, Jakarta – The clash between People’s Sovereignty Movement protestors and the police continued at Jatibaru, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday 22 May 2019. A large group continued to fight the police by throwing rocks and fireworks at them.

Our observation shows that the police held their position not far from the Gambir Regional Precinct in Central Jakarta. Explosions and white smoke have been seen. The riot was being controlled by military personnel assigned to the site. However, when these soldiers arrived in their trucks, the mob did not back off. On the contrary, they welcomed the soldiers and did not attack them. “The soldiers are with the people – the soldiers are with the people. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,” shouted the mob.

The soldiers made an effort to calm down the mob and asked them to disperse. This appeared to be successful for a short while. However, after they calmed down a bit, they started up another attack on the police, throwing rocks and fireworks at them. (dsy)

Hundreds of retired Military Officers call for the salvation of national sovereignty

Hundreds of retired Military Officers call for the salvation of national sovereignty. (photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – 108 retired Armed Forces officers from all three branches (Army, navy, and airforce) as well as retired police officers included in the Voice of Sovereignty Forum held a discussion and breaking of the fast at Grand Mahakam Hotel, Jakarta, on Monday (20/05/2019). The event, initiated by Armed Forces General (Ret.) Tyasno Sudarto, was attended by many retirees, including Armed Forces Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Djoko Susilo. The discussion was held only to provide support, spirit, and consolidation among the retirees about plans for visiting the Elections Commission (Komisi Pemilihan Umum – “KPU”) and the Election Monitoring Agency (Badan Pengawas Pemilihan Umum – “Bawaslu”) on 21-22 May 2019. The discussion also announced that there is no plan for a rebellion or other anarchic movements. All planned movements will be made peacefully and in organized fashion. Even though many people will assemble, the only purpose is to seek truth and justice, and to reject the fraud observed in the 2019 Presidential Elections.

Armed Forces Marshall (Ret.) Imam Sufaat addressed the fraud and injustice that occurred throughout the 2019 Elections in his speech. He regretted the involvement of State apparatus that are supposed to be neutral, whether the police or the State’s Civil Apparatus (Aparatus Sipil Negara – “ASN”). They were systematically made to intervene and secure victory for the Incumbent. “We have come to KPU several times to inform them that voters are being intimidated, and we know that we are being defrauded because we have the data. We are being defrauded by the Incumbent and his minions. When we check the IT data, we are certain of victory through the verified C1 data. We are also aware that many C1 forms were falsified. We are asking the Bawaslu to disqualify Presidential Candidate Pair 01 because of the many vote markups performed by the KPU. We have given the data to Bawaslu. I think that the people’s movement that demand sovereignty is already in proportion, that there is nothing wrong with it. The inauguration of Presidential Candidate 01 would make him an illegitimate president. Our movement is done in order for the KPU to overturn its count, that is what we are working on. It is a challenge for us all to encourage the people’s strife,” he said.

Meanwhile, Navy Admiral (Ret.) Tedjo Edi approved of Prabowo’s stance of rejecting KPU RI’s count. However, he also encourages Prabowo not to take things to the Constitution Court. “It would be useless, as the Constitution Court does not deal with fraud. That is Bawaslu’s jurisdiction. The requirement for taking it to the Constitution Court is the presence of 10,000 witnesses. We faced a similar situation in 2014, but I was in a party that supported Jokowi then. Mas Tomi requested me to create a new party to support Pak Prabowo, the Working Party. As I see it, Pak Prabowo is a very humanistic person who does not want to avenge himself on his political opponents. Right now, many citizens support Pak Prabowo and demand that the stolen and defrauded votes for him be returned. Pak Prabowo cannot stop this. I believe that there would be no riots, but somebody would make it look like as if we are inciting something. We must be wary of provocateurs from their side,” he said.

On the other hand, Armed Forces General (Ret.) Tyasno Sudarto of the People’s Sovereignty Front stated that this country and nation are facing an unstable political condition due to the stealing of the people’s sovereignty in democracy. The fact of structured, systematic, and massive fraud in the 2019 Elections is like our Motherland is being raped, on top of the difficult economic condition of the people, which paralyzes the daily life of the country and nation. “We are telling our brothers and sisters across the nation to join us in the spirit of saving the sovereignty of the nation and the future of Indonesia from the dangers of conflict between tribes, religions, and factions that can trigger the disintegration of the United Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

Tyasno further stated that he and his friends have always been with the people, whose sovereignty is now being perverted. “We as the earlier generation are now reminding the current generation of armed forces and police officers that we are the children of the Indonesian people, and we must always defend the people and fight for their right and sovereignty,” he said.

He further requested that the Army show its true identity to the people as the people’s army, and to the Police as the servant, protector, and caretaker of the people. “We specifically ask that certain parties not utilize the 2019 Elections for their own benefit and interests, because the Indonesian people have gotten smarter and they understand what is actually happening,” he said. (D. Ramdani)

For supporters, Prabowo: It is not easy to defend truth and justice

Prabowo Subianto at People’s Struggle House. (photo: IO/Yoga Agusta)

IO, Jakarta – Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto last night met with the May 22 demonstrators at the People’s Struggle House, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Prabowo’s visit was shared via YouTube by Prabowo-Sandi’s Media Center on Thursday (5/23/2019). Prabowo met with his supporters after visiting the victims of the demonstration at the Aspiration House in Menteng, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (5/22) night.

In his speech, Prabowo said he was thankful for their fighting spirit and loyalty. He claimed he was not fighting for certain a position. “I am not fighting to be president or not to be president. I went forward as a presidential candidate to defend the interests of the people of Indonesia,” he said, greeted by cries of Allahu Akbar from the masses.

Prabowo initially asked supporters to fight in a peaceful way. The ex-Kopassus Commander General also asked supporters to believe in him. “So, one thing that I ask for us our fight be peaceful. We must avoid violence. Our fight cannot be about taking revenge through violence. We must hold back our anger. We fight with reason, a controlled passion, the most important thing is our unity,” he said.

Prabowo understood that there are always those who will slander Islam by saying it is identical with radicalism. “Let us prove that Islam is peaceful, Islam rahmatan lil” alamin (mercy to all creation), “he explained.

Prabowo acknowledged that defending truth and justice would not be easy. Even so, according to Prabowo the best path would be a peaceful one. “The path without violence, this is very hard but we have to do it,” he said. “I am a person who is trained for war but I choose the path of not using violence and believe victory will come to those who are right. We are on the right path, we must win morally, “he continued.

 “Keep moving forward, Sir! Keep moving forward” the masses screamed.

The Gerindra Party Chairman explained that withdrawing was not equal to giving up. Sometimes, said Prabowo, deciding to resign had to be done in order to achieve greater things. “Giving up is never giving up, but sometimes we must take one step back to move two steps forwards. They say sami’na wa atho’na (we hear and we obey), so sometimes I have to go left so I go left,” Prabowo said.

“But it has gone too far, Sir,” screamed the masses again. “Be calm, patient, we are already hurt, patients is difficult, I say it is difficult. But we have to do it. If you believe in me, be patient. Remember patient, cool, peaceful and not using violence, that is a warrior. United we are very strong, united we are firm,” Prabowo said again. (dsy)

Dompet Dhuafa staff beaten by police officers during the 22 May demonstrations

22 May peaceful protest act becoming a night of terror. (photo: IO/Yoga Agusta)

IO, Jakarta – Ambulances and a Dompet Dhuafa medical team were victims of an attack by the police during riots in the Sarinah area, Central Jakarta, at 00:15 a.m. WIB, Thursday, May 23, 2019.

Imam Rulyawan, Managing Director of Dompet Dhuafa Philanthropy, confirmed the incident. In his official statement, Imam said that the repressive action occurred on Thursday (5/23/2019) at 00:15 a.m. WIB around Jalan Abdul Muis, Central Jakarta. As a result, three members were hurt and two Dompet Dhuafa vehicles were damaged.

 “It is true that there have been repressive actions by police officers against a Dompet Dhuafa medical team on Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 00.15 in the morning which resulted in three medical team members being rushed to RSPAD and the destruction of our two vehicles,” the Imam said in a written statement Thursday (23/5/2019).

Imam regretted the repressive actions of the police which he considered to be excessive. Moreover, it was carried out on medical teams and humanitarian volunteers who helped various parties during the demonstrations on May 22, 2019.

Imam claimed that Dompet Dhuafa had no political aims or partiality in their involvement during the demonstrations.

“As a humanitarian institution, Dompet Dhuafa fielded a medical team on the basis of humanity and upheld the principle of impartiality,” said Imam.

He asked the police and TNI to provide the widest possible access and protection for the humanitarian team and the medical team. According to him it is regulated in the 1949 Geneva Convention article 11, 24-27, and 37 concerning the protection of health workers.

The head of the Police Public Relations Division, Inspector General of Police M. Iqbal said, the incident was a risk in the midst of a riot situation. When the police were in control of the situation, someone was hit and things were damaged.

Iqbal explained, it wasn’t only Dompet Dhuafa, but there were also motorbikes which were burned and damaged. Therefore, the police will conduct periodic investigations.

“We are in control of the situation; the risk is sometimes people get hit and sometimes it things gets damaged. My friend, his motorcycle was burned, in principle, if it is proven, we will carry out periodic investigations,” Iqbal said at the Coordinating Minister for Politics, Thursday, 23 May, 2019. ” “Indeed, in this situation, friends also have to keep their distance, so that other groups keep their distance. For example, if you dare to enter the place of riots,” he said.

Metro Jaya Police Public Relations Chief Police Commissioner Argo Yuwono added that he would carry out an investigation on the alleged police officers who caused the Dompet Dhuafa medical officers to be injured and hospitalized. “We will investigate what the truth of the matter is first later,” said Argo.

Massive demonstrations took place in Jakarta on May 21-22 2019. Masses took to the streets after they refused to accept what they believed to be fraudulent election results. Especially, when at the same time, more than 600 KPPS officers, Supervisory Committee and Police had died during the election. (dsy)




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